Video Poker Guide for Australian Players

Video poker is a cross between pokies and online poker games. Players who prefer strategy over luck are great fans of video pokers because they actually give them a chance to bend the odds in their favor. All video poker games are based on the rules of Five Card Draw Poker, but with slight variations. To learn more about video poker please browse though this section or alternatively use the content links below to navigate to various sections within the page. If you're ready to get started playing video poker at online casinos visit here to browse though some of the best sites for Australian players.

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How to Play Video Poker

Though based on the rules of Five Card Draw Poker, each video poker variant stands in a class of its own. This, however, does not mean that players have to be poker experts in order to play and enjoy video poker games. They only need to be aware of various poker hands.

Players are fond of video poker because their house advantage is much lesser than that of pokies. Moreover, players can employ various strategies to lower the house edge further.

The game begins with the placing of a bet after which five cards are dealt face up on the gaming screen. Players have to now study their cards and choose to either retain them all or discard a few that cannot be used to create a strong poker hand. Once players have retained or discarded their cards, they will be dealt fresh cards to take the place of the discarded cards. Players will then be paid depending on the strength of the poker hand created.

The payout structure depends on the variant of video poker that is being played. For example, in case of Jacks or Better, players need to get at least a pair of Jacks in order to win a payout. In most variants of video poker, players will get the top payout of 4,000 coins if they create a Royal Flush. To find out exactly how much they can win, players have to study the payout structure before wagering real money on the game.

Players can also play multihand variants of online video poker games in order to maximize their chances of winning. However, they will have to bet huge amounts of money on multihand video poker games.

Video Poker Variants and Options

The online casinos we recommend offer a wide range of video poker games. If players visit the games lobby and click on the video poker option, they will find something for everybody there. As previously mentioned, each variant of video poker is based on standard Draw Poker rules, but with slight variations that set them apart from one another.

Here are some of the basic variants of video poker games:

Jacks or Better – An ideal video poker variant for beginners, it requires players to get at least a pair of Jacks or better in order to win a payout.

Aces and Eights – The focus here is on combinations of eights and aces. If players create a Four of a Kind with eights, sevens, or aces, they will receive extra payouts.

Deuces Wild – As its title suggests, all the deuces in this variant serve as wilds. The game offers extra payouts for a Royal Flush created with a wild, a Four of a Kind with deuces, and a Five of a Kind combination.

Double Double Bonus – This variant rewards players royally for creating Four of a Kind combinations, especially with aces. There is also a payout for half a Royal Flush.

Double Bonus – Aussie players are fond of this variant although it is a bit complex simply because it offers bonus payouts for Four of a Kind combinations. If players get four aces, they will receive 800 coins while four deuces, fours, and threes fetch payouts of 400 coins.

The above-mentioned are the common variants of video poker found at online casinos. Players can also play variants such as Joker Wild, Deuces and Joker, Tens or better, and Bonus Deuces Wild. Some of these variants are multihand and some are associated with large progressive jackpots.

Video Poker Strategy and Tips

Since video poker is a game of strategy, players should implement strategies to lower their house edge and actually make a profit. In order to implement the correct strategy, players should understand that each video poker game stands in a class of its own because of rule variations. They should learn the game’s rules properly as this will help them determine the best strategy for that game. For instance, Jacks or Better strategies do not work for a variant like Deuces Wild.

Beginners should start playing Jacks or Better as they will find variants such as Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild a bit complicated. Once they have learned the rules of the most common video poker variants, they can get free strategy charts from several online sources.

Players do not have to spend any money on learning video poker rules. All the online casinos we recommend allow players to play video poker games for free.