POLi Banking Option for Australian Players

POLi Payments Private Limited, which is simply known as POLi, was launched as Centricom. They are an online payment processing company with their headquarters at Melbourne in Australia. Since they are based in Australia, they cater to the requirements of only players from Australia and New Zealand.

POLi Payments now belongs to SecurePay Holdings, which belongs to Australia Post. POLi, in short, is an ideal payment option for Australian players who are not keen about revealing their financial details.

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How POLi Works

POLi is an excellent payment option for Australian players who either do not hold a credit card or do not wish to reveal their credit card details. It is a smooth, quick, and secure payment option, which directly connects consumers to their banks. Consumers do not even have to register at POLi to start using it. POLi’s only goal is to make it easy for consumers to pay for goods and services online.

POLi works somewhat like Internet Banking. After selecting POLi, players have to select their bank, login to their online banking account, and follow the prompts. Payment is completed in a matter of seconds and a receipt is issued to the customer.

History of POLi

Not much is known about the history of POLi, but the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page reveals a lot of information about the service. POLi is very popular among merchants and consumers simply because of its simplicity and security. It is a free service, but consumers as well as merchants will receive a notification once the payment has gone through.

POLi does not hold a license because it enjoys an ASIC exemption from having to hold one. In case of disputes, POLi urges consumers to settle them with the merchants. In case they still need assistance, POLi has a support system that is available in Australia between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. AEST from Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately, POLi is not available all over the world. Currently, only residents of Australia and New Zealand can use it. But the POLi website says that there are plans of expansion.

Advantages of Using POLi for Australian Players

POLi is the best banking option for Australian players for several reasons.

Free – The service is absolutely free as one of the aims of POLi is to give consumers a completely free payment solution.

No registration required – Those who want to use POLi do not have to register an account. They simply need to have a bank account.

Safe and secure – POLi does not save any sensitive information left behind by players.

Popular payment method – Over 33 million people use POLi and a wide range of online casinos allow their Australian customers to load their accounts using POLi. Some casinos also offer extra deposit bonuses to players who select POLi as their banking method.

Supports all major Australian banks – POLi supports all major Australian and NZ banks such as Bank of Melbourne, ANZ, BankSA, Bank of Queensland, Commonwealth, Bendigo Bank, NAB, Westpac, St. George Bank, and Suncorp Bank.

Banking with POLi

Before using POLi, Australian players must do two things. They must first download the POLi payment software onto their computers. They must then find a POLi online casino and sign up for real money play. This shouldn’t be difficult as Aussie Casinos Online has recommended a wide range of POLi casinos for Australian players.

Players should then visit the casino cashier and choose POLi as their banking method. The next step is to choose a bank. All the payment details are already filled in by POLi. Players just have to hit the Confirm button and the payment goes through.