PaySafeCard Banking Option for Australian Players

PaySafeCard, a global leader in prepaid payment solutions, allows Australian casino players to fund their gaming accounts safely, securely, and anonymously. With over five million outlets all over the world, PaySafeCard is the ideal payment solution for those who want to purchase products and services online.

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How PaySafeCard Works

To use PaySafeCard, consumers should first purchase a PaySafeCard PIN at any outlet. They are available in denominations of AU$10, 20, 50, and 100. This is a 16-digit PIN, which can be used to purchase products and services at several online and offline locations. Consumers can use one PIN to purchase products or services worth the exact amount loaded on it.

PaySafeCard also has an app that can be used to shop on the move. It can be used to locate the nearest PaySafeCard outlet, check one’s balance, learn about the latest contests and promos.

Using PaySafeCard is as simple as finding the nearest sales outlet, purchasing PaySafeCard, and then using it for shopping. Consumers just have to input the 16-digit PIN.

PaySafeCard is not only popular, but also highly reputed as it is available in multiple currencies and 43 countries. If consumers have not used the entire amount loaded into their PaySafeCard in purchasing products and services, they will have to pay a monthly fee of AU$2 after 12 months. This fee will be automatically deducted from the PaySafeCard from the thirteenth month.

History of PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard was launched in Germany and Austria in 2000 by a group of Austrians who wanted to give the public an ideal solution for making payments online. Although it started as a card, it became an e-voucher two years after its birth. In 2002, therefore, consumers could not only get hold of PaySafeCard as a physical card, but also an e-voucher. Consumers could use PaySafeCard to purchase products and services from 2004.

When My PaySafeCard was launched in 22 countries in 2013, consumers could access a personal online account that helped them manage all their PINs. The same year, PaySafeCard merged with Skrill, and two years later, it was acquired by PaySafe Group.

Today, PaySafeCard offers a prepaid MasterCard and a loyalty program called My PLUS. It has expanded not only into New Zealand, but also into Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait. PaySafeCard now supports 23 currencies, is present in 43 countries, and has 5 million sales outlets worldwide.

Advantages of Using PaySafeCard for Australian Players

The advantages of using PaySafeCard are many. Australian players will be delighted to discover that:

  • PaySafeCard is one of the world’s most reputed and popular payment methods.

  • It is 100% safe, secure, and anonymous.

  • Players can use the entire amount on their PaySafeCard to load their casino gaming accounts, and any balance amount can be used to make any other payment.

  • PaySafeCard is anonymous as it allows players to pay without having to enter their bank, credit card, or personal details.

  • Players can purchase up to ten PaySafeCard PINs at a time if they want to load large amounts of cash into their gaming accounts.

Banking with PaySafeCard

To use PaySafeCard, players should first find a PaySafeCard online casino and sign up for real money. We at Aussie Casinos Online have recommended several PaySafeCard online casinos for the benefit of Australian players. You will find plenty of PaySafeCard outlets in Australia, and all you have to do is purchase a PaySafeCard PIN from one of them.

The next step is to visit the casino cashier, select PaySafeCard, enter the PaySafeCard PIN, and the amount players wish to deposit. The funds will be instantly made available for real money play.