Craps Guide for Australian Players

Craps is a game of dice, which challenges players to wager on the results of a single roll or several rolls of a pair of dice. Players may bet against each other or against the house. Since this is a simple game that hardly requires any equipment, it can be easily played anywhere. To learn more about craps scroll though the various sections found below or use the content links to navigate to the sections quickly. If you're ready to get started playing craps at online casinos please visit here to get started playing craps at top rated Australian online casino sites.

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How to Play Craps

Craps is one of those online casino games that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. However, players can get started with just a basic understanding of the game. They need not worry about understanding all the 40 varieties of bets that Craps involves. They just need to know something about the Passline Bet, one of the most player friendly of Craps bets. In fact, most of the other 40 types of bets have high odds.

The Passline bet is placed just before the dice pair is freshly rolled. If the outcome of that roll turns out to be a seven or an eleven, players will win their Passline bets. If the outcome is two, three, or twelve, players will lose their bets. If the outcome is any other number, it is considered to be the point number. In this case, the dice must be rolled again. This time, if the outcome is the point number followed by a seven, players will get even money. If a seven appears before the point number, players will lose their Passline bet.

Once the point number if established, players can place an extra bet called Odds bet, which has absolutely no house advantage. A number of casinos allow players to place Odds bets that are twice as large as Passline bets.

All beginners start by placing Passline and Odds bets. Once players have thoroughly understood everything there is to understand about these two bets, they can consider the pros and cons of placing other varieties of Craps bets.

We urge players to play a few games of Craps for free to understand the game’s rules before beginning to wager real money on it.

Craps Variants and Options

Craps comes in several variants such as Bank Craps, Crapless Craps, Die Rich Craps, New York Craps, and High Point Craps, to mention just a few. Here is a brief overview of each Craps variant.

Bank Craps - This is the variant that is commonly played in casinos. Also known as Las Vegas Craps, it is played in the brick-and-mortar casinos of Nevada. The same variant has found its way to online casinos. It is a game played against the house, not against other player.

New York Craps – A Craps variant that enjoys a great deal of popularity in the East Coast of America, it has a higher house edge than Bank Craps or Las Vegas Craps.

Die Rich Craps – This variant, which has several other names, is played with only one die, not a pair of dice.

Crapless Craps – Also known as Bastard Craps, this is a variant that is often played privately online.

High Point Craps – The unique rules of this variant require players to add a point to their totals in some game circumstances. The game is called High Point Craps because it requires players to use their memory power and mathematical skills.

Simplified Craps – The house edge of this variant, which has slightly different rules, is around 2.8%, which makes it one of the player friendly variants of the game.

Craps Strategy and Tips

If players want to win at Craps, they should learn the games rules and strategies thoroughly. This takes time because Craps is an easy game to learn, but a very difficult game to master.

Since Craps is an exciting game of luck, it is very easy for players to blow up their bankrolls on it. Players must, therefore, implement effective bankroll management strategies. Players should start playing Craps after determining the exact amount they can afford to win or lose. Once they have won a specific amount of money, they should use part of it to play some more games of Craps and withdraw part of it as casino profits.

Players should avoid chasing their losses and doubling bets just because they happen to be winning because Craps is definitely a game with a high house advantage.

Here are some tips that may help players win at the game.

  • The best Craps bets are the Passline Bet, which has a house advantage of only 1.41%, and the Come Out Roll, which has zero house edge.
  • The house edge for the Pass, Don't Pass, and Odds Bet is really very high. Players can just avoid these bets, especially if they are playing Craps for the best time.
  • Some of the worst Craps bets are the Big 6 and the Big 8 bets because they have a high house edge of 9.1%.