Blackjack Guide for Australian Players

Blackjack, one of the most popular card games at online casinos, is also known as twenty-one. According to its rules, the player’s hand is compared with the dealer’s hand and the hand that is closer to point value 21 is rewarded. Unlike poker, blackjack is played against the house. To learn more about blackjack scroll though this page or use the links featured below. Alternatively if you're ready to get started playing blackjack visit here to pick a casino among our listing of top rated Australian gambling sites.

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How to Play Blackjack

The aim of the game is to create a hand of point value 21 or as close to it as possible and thus beat the dealer without going bust or exceeding point value 21. In blackjack, all face cards are considered to be 10, all number cards are taken at face value, and the aces can be either 1 or 11 depending on the gaming situation.

If the game results in a tie, it is considered to be a push. If a player gets blackjack on the very first cards dealt to him/her, he/she is rewarded with a payout of 1.5 to one. However, if the dealer gets blackjack, the player does not win.

A group of six players can play blackjack. Most online casinos use up to eight decks of playing cards to play blackjack.

A game of blackjack begins with a wager, after which the player receives two face-up cards and the dealer receives one face-up and one face-down card. The player has to now study the gaming situation and either stand or hit. If the player chooses to hit, he/she will receive another card that can be used to create a blackjack and beat the dealer. Once this happens, the dealer will expose his face-up card. The game rules require the dealer to stand if he gets 17 or more and hit if he gets 16 or lesser.

The dealer’s hand and the player’s hand are now compared and the better hand of the two will win even money. If the dealer’s hand is stronger, players will lose their bets. If the dealer busts, the players will win.

Blackjack allows players to double their bets, surrender their bets, purchase an insurance bet against a possible dealer blackjack, and split pairs.

Blackjack Variants and Options

Online casinos offer a wide range of blackjack games, some of which have been released exclusively by certain providers. Although based on standard blackjack rules, these variants stand in a class of their own, separated from one another by slight variations in rules and betting options.

Here are some of the most popular variants of online blackjack.

Super Fun 21 – If the dealer and the player both get blackjack, it is the player’s blackjack that will win. Moreover, players can win extra payouts by creating a blackjack with diamond cards.

Spanish 21 – This is a blackjack variant that is played with a deck of card minus tens. If players create a blackjack with seven cards, they will be paid 3 – 1.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The dealer’s first two cards are dealt face-up, a variation that makes the game challenging and unique.

Blackjack Switch – Players are dealt two hands and allowed to switch cards between the two hands.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – If the dealer’s exposed card is 10, he can immediately check for blackjack before players make a move.

Pontoon – This is the way they play blackjack in Australia and Asia. The game bears a striking similarity to Spanish 21.

There are several other variants of blackjack such as Multiple Action Blackjack, Chinese Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, European Blackjack, Crazy Blackjack, Vegas Downtown, and Face Up 21, to mention just a few.

Blackjack Strategy and Advice

Most blackjack players fail to realize that online casinos offer several variants of the game and that each game has its own set of rules. Before playing a game of blackjack, players should understand its rules and strategies well. We suggest that players play a few games for free before beginning to wager real money on the games.

Blackjack enjoys a great deal of popularity because it is a game of strategy. If players implement the proper blackjack strategies, they can definitely reduce the house edge and improve their own odds of winning. Beginners must have a copy of the basic blackjack strategy chart if they want to win at blackjack. This chart is available free of charge at several online blackjack resources.