Authorization Forms and Casino Due Diligence

Online casinos have to take a wide range of measures to protect themselves from fraud, and one of these methods is the authorization form, which is part of an online casino’s due diligence program. Before requesting payout for the first time, players are required to fill in, sign, and submit it to the online casino.

Online Casino Due Diligence

An online casino’s due diligence program includes a combination of investigations in real life as well as compilation of online information, both of which are equally important. The need for information is essential to combat fraud, which can cost gambling companies dearly, and to comply effectively with the anti-fraud guidelines established by industry watchdogs and various governments.

Regulators of online gambling sites require their licensees to maintain high industry standards with regard to financial stability, honesty, and integrity. Although regulators continuously conduct investigations to check if operators indeed deserve to retain their gambling license, casinos are required to make sure that they are doing business with reputed individuals and companies. If online casino operators fail in their due diligence programs, they will have to pay heavy fines and may also lose their licenses.

Online casinos use information obtained online in their due diligence investigations chiefly because it is cheaper and faster. Casinos can obtain complete information about companies and individuals through a variety of online sources in the shortest time possible. This information includes names, phone numbers, current addresses, date of birth, driver’s license, neighbor’s phone number, judgments, bankruptcies, and so on. Online casinos also attempt to protect themselves from fraud by making players fill and submit an authorization form before requesting payout for the first time.

Authorization Forms

Seasoned online casino players are familiar with authorization forms or forms that online casinos require players to fill up and submit before requesting payout for the first time. Authorization forms may be a source of irritation to players, but online casinos require players to submit these forms to protect themselves from fraud. Needless to say, there are many people who are doing everything in their power to exploit the online casino and use its features to their advantage. Quite understandably, online casinos want to protect themselves at any cost.

An authorization form is actually easy to fill because it requires players to part with information that is readily available to them. Before requesting payout for the first time, players have to send scanned copies of filled and signed authorization forms, copies of photo identification cards, copies of their driver’s license, copies of credit cards they have used to load their casino gaming accounts, and copies of a utility bill that is less than three months old or a mail that bears players’ names and addresses.

Authorization forms not only help players withdraw their winnings quickly, safely, and securely, but also convince online casinos that it is safe to offer higher deposit and withdrawal limits to players.

As previously mentioned, authorization forms are meant to protect online casinos from fraud. Players should understand that only the best of the best online casinos, such as the ones we recommend, require players to submit such forms before requesting payout for the first time. The information that players supply through these authorization forms is safe and protected. It is stored in secure locations, never revealed to third parties, and kept highly confidential.

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